Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Defense of Masculinity

"It is the age of woman worship. Women are angels: men are demons."- Orestes Brownson

Masculinity has been emasculated in the fallout of the feminist movement. "Feminism may have started off seeking equality for women, but it soon denigrated into attacking the very soul of men." I recently finished reading the book "No More Christian Nice Guy--When Being Nice Instead of Good Hurts Men, Women, and Children," from which the previous quote is taken. This will start a series of posts dealing with how feminism has left men confused and conflicted.

To set the stage, the book starts out showing how the gentle Jesus taught in most churches today is not the Jesus of the Bible--He stood up for the weak, for His Father, argued with officials, called the Pharisees names, was confrontational, etc. "A nice Jesus is a heretical Jesus." I highly recommend that everyone read the first 2 chapters of the book (if you don't read the whole thing). From there the author goes on to show how, starting with this "gentle Jesus", the church and the faith have been feminized. And that feminization hurts men and turns them away from Jesus.

Anytime you tell someone that there's something wrong with their basic make-up it leads to feelings of unworthiness. Not only did feminism tell men that they were naturally flawed, but the church jumped on the bandwagon--more so that just saying "we're all sinners." Men were singled out. It has left men confused about how to be men. What does it mean to be a man today? Does masculinity equate to being an abusive destructive caveman?

The truth is there is nothing wrong with a man's desire to be assertive and confident--to be a leader. In fact, women prefer that to what feminists spout men should be--passive males who act more like women and bow to their wives. "This is true for women who, with the aid of pop teaching and pop culture, expect men always to be sweet and compliant, only later finding these same men boring and unattractive." People are attracted to others who have a passion for something and who are assertive in attaining it.

"To everyone's detriment, Christian men are like poodles--once an admirable hunting dog that's been so housebroken it's now afraid to get its feet wet." "A passive husband is an unreliable husband, and this makes his wife anxious, because she knows it will leave her and the children open to difficulties that threaten the family." Women don't want pliable, compliant men--regardless of what the feminists say. "What's being done to Christian men today is similar to what was done to Christian women years ago, when they were told, 'Just submit and your marriage will get better.' Now we're telling men, 'Sacrifice your identity for your wife, and your marriage will be strong.'"

To all the men reading this, don't sacrifice your masculinity--feminists are idiots. Many studies have shown that the feminist rhetoric and lifestyle don't make women any happier than they were before the 1960s. In fact, on average, women are less happy than they were before. [For those who didn't read my first post, I'm all for equality but don't hold to the rest of feminism's rhetoric.]

Of course, masculinity, just like femininity, can be perverted into something it shouldn't be. Masculinity does not equal abuse of power. Abuse of power equals abuse of power--whether it be feminine or masculine. Masculinity is the yin to feminism's yang--a direly needed force in this overly feminized culture.

In my next post "It's Raining Boys" I'll discuss how the feminized culture has caused boys confusion as they grow into men. With no good definition to tell them what a "man" is and fewer fathers present to be role models, a whole generation of men have decided to continue their boyhood or adolescence. After all, with women "liberated" there's no need for them--nothing to protect, no one to provide for. Gender norms have changed and men have been left behind.

If you're interested in reading more on this topic I recommend the following:

"No More Christian Nice Guy" by Paul Coughlin

"Manning Up: How the Rise of Women have Turned Men Into Boys" by Kay S. Hymowitz

"The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men" by Christina Hoff Sommers

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