Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome to my world

I assume that most of the people who will read my blog are people that know me and, as such, know that I have opinions--strong ones at times. It can take a while to get me to talk about them (you're welcome world), but once I get started you realize that I probably have many opinions on things that I haven't shared. The problem is my brain is always on; I'm always thinking and sometimes that gets in the way of sharing what I'm thinking. The second problem (or barrier, rather) is that verbal communication is not my forte. Writing on the other hand, that I can do. So I've decided to start this blog to share what I've been thinking about and allow you to join in if you want to know. So, welcome to my world: you'll find a lot of commentary on life, culture, society, and relationships. Most will have a slight psychology leaning because my brain naturally thinks that way. But before I start, I want to state some items for the record.

    1. I'm a Christian. All my views and thoughts are influenced by the fact that I believe there is a God, that Jesus saved me, and that He is the most important thing in this world to people, whether they know it or not.  He had a plan for this world, how we were to interact with one another but it has been skewed because of sin.

    2. You'll probably see a lot of posts that relate to feminism so let me clarify my stance. I am not a supporter of the modern feminist movement. I fully support giving women every option that men have with equal respect and equal pay. The modern feminist movement, though, has much more on its agenda and in its rhetoric than that, and I absolutely do not support the rest. In fact, I blame a lot of the problems in modern society on the trajectory the feminist movement has taken (which I will get into in a later post).

    3. I enjoy intellectual conversations and hearing other opinions. I don't enjoy disrespect. It is possible to share a differing opinion and still respect people who disagree. I welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions, but if you can't do it respectfully then I will not respond.

    4. Lastly, anything written here is my personal view. It does not reflect my friends, family, employer, church, etc. It's MY world as I see it.

So welcome and enjoy the ride.

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